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About Christianity in Haiti
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New Missions Dealing with Health in Haiti
New Clinic:

Before New Missions came to the Leogane Plain of Haiti, the only "medical care" available was from the voodoo priest and the local medicine men. Today, twenty thousand people depend on the New Missions Clinic. Haitians walk for several miles from surrounding villages to receive quality medical care.          
Care is given to each patient by an excellent staff of Haitian personnel. The pharmacy is stocked with the best of medicines.  
The clinic ministers to nearly 1000 patients each month. Besides offering basic and emergency treatment, the clinic provides prenatal and postnatal care and special programs for malnourished children as well as the elderly. The clinic also reaches out with special feeding programs, vaccinations, and health awareness meetings.  
Kathy Nielsen, an R.N. from the United States, knows firsthand what the New Missions Clinic means to the people of the Leogane Plain. After returning from her short-term trip to New Missions, she said, "I remember holding one little girl just three months old who weighed only three pounds. Her arms were as thick as my thumb. The child was being treated for dehydration, malnutrition, and malaria. Who knows what  would have happened to that child if New Missions was not there."  
Jeanne DeTellis, co-founder of New Missions, sums up the ministry of the clinic in  this way: "The clinic works with two hands. With one hand we offer the love of God and the hope that there is in Jesus Christ. With the other hand we provide the best medical care possible."

Medical Clinic: Each month in Haiti over 1000 people visit the medical clinic for vital care and medication. Our clinic is the only facility of its kind on the Leogane plain other than one hospital at the center of town. The medical clinic provides more than just medical care, it’s a shining light of hope powered by the love of Jesus to each person that walks thru its doors.

New Missions

P.O. Box 2727, Orlando, Fl. 32802

(800) 937-4248

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