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Disclosure: We are a non-lawyer Immigration Forms Completion Service. We do not represent Applicant to Court or to USCIS, ICE or any other Government Agency. We only Assist you in completing your forms with the information provided by you and/or the documents you submitted to support your claims for the immigration benefits you are seeking for you or your alien relative.

General Information about Green Cards through Investment.(continued from the page what you need to know..)

Permanent Residence

Now that the petition is approved, you need permission to live and work permanently in the United States. Your eligibility has been confirmed. Are you admissible? Admissibility is achieved through another process. You must be found that you are admissible to receive your permanent residence status. If not your file can be denied at the last minute. We will discuss admissibility in another article. Let's , now, look at your options after you receive the approval letter for your petition.

If you are not abroad and already lawfully admitted in the U.S., and not out of status (such as Expired I-94, or over stay...) when the petition is approved and you are eligible to apply for permanent residence, you would file Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status to initiate the process of obtaining your status and be registered as Permanent Residents. Note that the word permanent is "tweaky" because each Card has an expiration date. Usually the card expires within 10 years.

If the petition was filed abroad and you are still abroad, not inside the U.S., if the petition is approved, you will receive an approval notice with instructions for your options. At this point your approved petition will be sent to the American Consulate nearest you. Unless you had advised or any change of your address while the petition was in process, the approved petition will be sent to the embassy or consulate of you initial address. That embassy or consulate will send you first a notice if they are ready to process your case and what would be the next step and what you would need to prepare including any consular fees. Subsequently, all information on the next step of the process, which is to obtain an immigrant visa number. The office of National visa Center, usually takes care of your case right after the approval. NVC is the office that does the accounting of the availability of Immigrant visas and distribute them as they become available according to the preference system in place. If a visa number is available, at the time of your interview one will be issued to you providing your interview is successful, you will be given a packet of documentation authorizing airlines carrier to accept you on board. When landed in any U.S. territory, an immigration officer will welcome you and stamped your

passport, giving you your new lawful status. Few weeks later, evidence that you are granted conditional permanent residence in the U.S. will be mailed to your address in the U.S. You may receive by then your card of social security or instructions how to obtain one. A violation of any terms of your new status or any criminal law is enough for your status to be revoked and prompt your removal proceeding in a court of law. If you feel this visa is for you, Start the assessing process to rush your petition. We may be able to help you in the completion of your forms. However, bear in mind this is a complex process. Some applicant may need the service of an Attorney. We are not lawyers and we are not authorized to provide legal advice. This is our general opinion and our source is the written material as published by the USCIS. Good luck.

Remove Conditions on Residence

If you received conditional permanent residence because your petition was filed outside the U.S., you will need to apply to remove those conditions. Conditional permanent residence is valid for two years after approval. To remain in the U.S., you need to file an application prior to the expiration date of your card, to remove the conditions on your residency status. By regulations, within 90 days of the second anniversary of the date stamped on your Permanent Residence Card, you would file Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions. It is important you remember that if you plan to do it with no help of an attorney or an experienced person. There exist a similar conditional residency status for immigrants who have obtained their Green Card through a member of their family, such spouses, or in-laws. Be alerted that this form I-829 is different from the standard Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence. Form I-829 is specific to immigrant investors and you will be required to show evidence of your commercial enterprise. The form I-751 is intended for family.

(Our Source: USCIS publications and webpage)

In our next article, we will outline many important details in relation to Green card through Employment. We hope they help you make an informed decision on your quest to either petition for someone or for yourself. In the event you are someone who have been arrested, in jail or convicted in a court of law, anywhere in the world, we strongly recommend that you consult with an immigration attorney, not just a lawyer but on who practice U.S. immigration to alert you of the bumps you may find in your own case. Sometimes an immigration lawyer, prior to begin you petition may have to look into any legal events of your past that may jeopardize your eligibility and admissibility. In the mean time, we can assure you that United States of America is a great place to live to work and to raise you children. We will welcome you if you want to be part of our project of building a different society, one where laws are above all. We are not quite there yet, after all Americans are humans, but that is the idea of our forefathers and most of us intend to carry on. We are a diverse nation. We welcome most of the culture of this world, we are even involved a great deal of our resources into looking for any out of space form of life. We are Americans.

More details About Immigrant Visas will continuee…..

Immigrant Visa Numbers available: what that means

Family-Sponsored Immigration: Who in your family can be sponsored by you?

Immigrant Medical Exam: What is it?

Deadline for TPS applicants:
The Statute (INA § 244) and Regulations (8 CFR § 244)

Countries (or parts thereof) which are currently designated under the TPS program are listed below:

Burundi: TPS registration period October 7, 2004, to December 6, 2004
El Salvador
Honduras: TPS re-registration period November 3, 2004 to January 3, 2005
Liberia: TPS registration period August 25, 2004 to February 21, 2005
Montserrat: TPS ends effective February 27, 2005
Nicaragua: TPS re-registration period November 3, 2004 to January 3, 2005
Sudan: TPS re-registration period October 7, 2004, to December 6, 2004; TPS registration period under the re-designation is from October 7, 2004 to April 5, 200

On this page we'll list and summarize the different consulting services we provide.

NOS SERVICES: (French/Francais)

Gabriel Dorcely et ses Associés ont l'expérience et l'expertise nécessaires pour aider les candidats à l'immigration dans les catégories suivantes :


Les victimes de violence domestique des epoux et parents qui sont citoyens americains ou residents permanent y inclus les orphelins.

Investisseur, entrepreneur:

Ceux qui voudraient investir dans certaines communautes ou qui recoivent une offre d'emploi d'une compagnie dont le siege social est aux etats-Unis.

Travailleur autonome:

Ceux qui ont une education de haut niveau ou ceux qui sont des docteurs ou infirmieres gradues dans une ecole a l'equivalence americaine.

Parrainage familial:

Les parents, epoux et enfants mineurs des citoyens americains

Les epoux et enfant mineurs de permanents residents.

les enfants adultes des citoyens americains, maries ou pas.

les enfant adultes des permanents residents, celibataires.

les freres ou soeurs des citoyens americains

Nous pouvons preparer et soumettre les demandes d'immigration auprès des services d'immigration des Etats-Unis dépendant des antécédents des candidats à l'immigration. Certains dossiers peuvent êtres déposés auprès des Ambassades Americaines ou des Services d'Immigration Americains à travers le monde.


Les services offerts par IFCAC sont adaptés aux besoins spécifiques et aux qualifications de chaque client. Nous effectuons toujours une évaluation préliminaire des chances du candidat d'obtenir le statut travailleur legal or de résident permanent avant la signature d'un contrat. Si un candidat ne peut se qualifier preliminairement pour l'obtention de la résidence permanente nous ne traiterons passa demande d'immigration. Lorsque nous acceptons un dossier c'est parce que nous sommes très confiants que l'application du candidat recevrait une consideration attentive par le service d'immigration, et s'il remplit toutes les conditions requises, le benefice recherche, a la fin des procédures, bien sur, si les conditions ou les reglements ne se modifient pas durant le processus. S'il ne le reçoit pas nous nous engageons à le rembourser intégralement pour tout depot non utilise.

Nous offrons les services suivants:

Une évaluation gratuite des chances du candidat d'être accepté.

L'information sur les différentes étapes pour l'obtention du visa de résident permanent.

Révision des formulaires gouvernementaux pour le requérant principal et les dépendants.

La liste des documents à soumettre.

Dépôt du dossier auprès du service d'immigration.

Copie du dossier remise au candidat.

Préparation personnalisée pour l'entrevue avec l'officier d'immigration.

Relations continues avec les services d'immigration.

Suivi régulier du dossier auprès des bureaux d'immigration.

Information sur l'éducation, l'emploi, l'habitation aux etat-Unis, etc.

Wendy & Gabriel s'occupent personnellement de chacun des dossiers et si cela est nécessaire vous pouvez communiquer directement avec eux durant toute la procédure au cours des rendez-vous schedules.


IFCAC and Associates have the experience and expertise to help prospective applicants in all categories: skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and family sponsorships. Depending on the candidate's background, we submit applications to either the  Immigration Services. Applications can also be submitted to any U.S. embassy or consulate abroad.




Our services are tailored to the specific needs and qualifications of each client. We conduct a preliminary assessment to determine his/her chances of obtaining the benenfit s/he is seeking before signing a contract with him/her. We do not accept files from candidates unless they have a fairly basic chance of obtaining the benefit s/he is seeking. We only accept files when we believe candidates meet the basic requirements for his/her applications to be accepted and if so be successful at the end of the procedure. If the application is denied or rejected, we refund all unused fees paid.

Our services include the following steps:

1- Free preliminary assessment of the candidate and if applicable his/her derivative dependents. All information required at each stage of the immigration process Draft and review of all immigration forms for the main applicant and dependents

2- List of supporting documents to be submitted.

3- Submitting the file to the immigration office. A Copy of file is provided to candidate

4- Complete briefing on Interview at USCIS or at the U.S. Consulate abroad. 



The candidate must first send us the preliminary assessment form. This is a free service.

A candidate, who qualifies and agrees to pay our professional fees, receives two copies of an agreement. He signs both copies, keeps one and returns the other to us, along with the fee. If a candidate does not sign, the procedure stops there.

As soon as we receive the signed contract and first payment, we send documentation to the candidate so he may begin the process of gathering documents and information needed to complete the forms (application, petition etc.., ).

The candidate prepares his file according to our instructions, and returns it to us.

We inform the candidate upon receipt of the file at our office. Then, we review the application forms and the papers to ensure that nothing is missing. If information or documents are required to complete the file, we communicate with the candidate and request the missing data or documents.

If the file is complete we send the assembled package to the client for signature along with pre-labeled envelope to mail the package to USCIS office. A copy of the application is kept by the client for future reference or his/her personal file.

We follow up on the file until the interview takes place. Prior to the interview, we meet with the candidate over the telephone or at our office. We explain the questions generally asked by the immigration officers during the interview.

After the interview is completed, we follow up on the file until the benefit is granted or issued.


Immigration Help Online

Get Immigration Help Online
Talk, vent, ask questions, get answers. Communicate with others who have been or are still going through the immigration process, as well as some who work in the field and stop by to help. You may send email to us or take our mailing address and write to us with your questions. We will answer you promptly. Browse the web there are many site that would offer free information and the INS has an updated site where they provide enough information to help make a decision. Their is not to help you but freely make information available for those who can understanf them and process them right. they give you info from their perspective which is not legal help. It is your obligation to decide whether or not you need legal assistance. INS, by law, provide service to you as a customer but also, up to now, has a duty to enforce the Immigration law as enacted by congress. They are the same who will issue the green card to you or deny your applications and seek your removal from United States, as permited by law. 

Jwen ed Imigrasiyon nan entenet la. Klike sourit la nan ekriti ble anwo a.

We offer the following services:
1- Consulting. If you have any interest in immigration matter, you state your concern and we will ask you related questions and will tell you how you can procede and what are your chances of succeeding or failing.
2- Forms completion. We will assist you in completing the forms necessary for you imigration proceeding and will assemble the aplication and the required documentation accordingly for filing.
3- We may maintain an overview over the process is so desired but we will always provide you with a copy of the application you submitted and exactly the way you submit for filing.
We are not responsible to keep a copy of your application in our file cabinet. Keep your copy in a safe place. I you loose it and need another copy, you may request a copy from the Immigration Office.
4- Translation. We provide translation services from and into French, Haitian Creole, English and Spanish languages. We certify all translation processed in our office. such as Birth certificate in foreign languages, Diploma, letter passport and any other legal document.
5- Interpreting. We accompany our clients to their interview for proper translation whether it's at INS or at court, hospitals or else. We don't represent applicants to Government agencies or to Immigration Courts. If you violate the immigration law, you need to consult with a lawyer to determine whether your application will go through the adminstrative process and any other risk of referral for removal.

Work Permit
Petitions for:
spouses, children, Parents, Brothers and sisters, Political Asylum, Special Immigrants and more





* Experienced Notaries in Document Signing.
All types of home loans 
Fast,convenient scheduling including evenings/weekends. 
Fast,convenient return of accurate documents - guaranteed. 
Services available in Spanish, French, English & Haitian Creole speaking. 
We will make the trip to Jails, Hospitals, Offices & Homes. 
Mobile Consultation and Forms completion in immigration procedures also available

SERVICE AREAS: Greater Jacksonville Area, including Orange Park, Green coves springs, Fleming Island, Clay & Duval COUNTIES and in special circumstances florida statewide. 

(904) 672-8241 - ASK FOR Gaby 



And much more!!!

P.O. Box 34478

 Ocala, Fl. 32073




Green Card Made easy

Here are some of the advantages our office offers:

* Fifteen Years Industry Experience

* Competitive Pricing

* Access to Industry Specialists
* Long distance service in a matter of days
* You money back guarantee
* We use the best Immigration Case & Database management software, Immigrant Software Corp. has been providing electronic forms processing to the immigration attorney community for 15 years. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the best service available. Our software was first released in 1993, and today it is used on thousands of desktops.

* Our flagship product, Immigrant Pro, has proven itself to continuously meet the needs our clients. We listen to our users and are constantly incorporating their suggestions into the product so it can continue to provide the most relevant and valuable services to our clients.

* ISC has been the technological leader for Immigration Forms Processing and Case Management. A Windows-based product, we intend to keep and maintain our folders with ISC products. ISC makes available to our office an Immigrant Software on the leading edge, bringing you all the exciting new features offered by emerging technologies, and changes in immigration law processing

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