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Immigration Forms Completion Assistance Center (I.F.C.A.C.) (904) 672-8241

Disclosure: We are a non-lawyer Immigration Forms Completion Service. We do not represent Applicant to Court or to USCIS, ICE or any other Government Agency. We only Assist you in completing your forms with the information provided by you and/or the documents you submitted to support your claims for the immigration benefits you are seeking for you or your alien relative.

Just Call or email us. We are in the process of moving From Florida. Our physical office is closed. Our virtual office is available and new info will be posted as soon as a new physical location is set.

Immigration Forms Completion Assistance Center
* P.O. Box 242 * Ocala * FL * 34478-2542
VOIP: (904) 672-8241
(updated on 11/23/2011)