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"THRIFTY TRESOR" Nouvel Lakay - Gen Koze pou tande

Members like to know about their community organization behind the services they are entitled to. that is the reason why we keep our meeting and records open to the public in general. Everyone is expecting to have their say on what we want for our community. As we speak, one of our committee is undertaking the possibility to conduct a survey in the Greater Central florida to assess our social and cultural needs as well as what our community wants from us or from the leaders in their community. We need a minimum of Seven ($7,000.00), to raise or to obtain as a grant in order to have it done promptly so we know how to gear our resources to make it so according to the expressed need of you. Very soon we will announce our strategy and more details on how you can help and support this project. 

On this page we will tell you about ourselves.
 Current officers                                           Former Officers: 
Our chairperson for this current term:                             Past chairpersons:
Our vice-chairperson                                                   Past Vice-Chairpersons
Our Executive Director                                               Past Executive Directors
Member of our Board of directors
Our current Vice-Chair person

Our Association

This is where The Relation public committee will explain our Association background and describe how we got to where we are today. For example, we might talk about how long we have been in around, or any awards or honors we have won. We might also talk about our dedicated staff, and the importance of member satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our mission statement or purpose of the THRIFTY TRESOR is................
For example,
1) we believe in maintain at the highest our presence in the area and help our community to maintain at most our heritage cultural.
2) We believe in building an organization capable of supporting with quality services for all of our members.
3) We believe our embers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving their needs and assist most of us to getting out of the cyclical isolation proned by the language gaps or barriere as some would call it.
4) We believe each of us, with their dedication, their contribution to the system and their hard work is entitled to the "American Dream " as their personal dream, to pursue prosperity and happiness, life and liberty as any other ethnic group in America. 

Post Office Box 2542 OCALA, FLORIDA 32044
Phone: (904) 672-8241