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Members Accolades
"THRIFTY TRESOR" Nouvel Lakay - Gen Koze pou tande

Here is what our members are saying...

On this page we will insert some of our members testimonials, for example:
M.J. of Cayes Jacmel. Mwen remesye "thriftytresor" pou ed li te ban mwen pandan vizit mwen nan Jacksonvill, nan lopital St-vincent. Mwen te kontan ampil paske mwen pat santi mwen te izole e avek gras bondye ki ann syel, operasyon an te reyisi.
Anpi, Ms Islene te vin' Haiti nan mwa Jiye ya li te pote yon gwo bwat katon plen rad ak soulye pou tout moun lakay.

"Thank you so much for solving my problem. Your service is exceptional!" We need an association such your to help Americans educating themselves about the richness of your culture. Jim Sanders

"I was so thrilled with your interpreting service. You will always be my first call.". anything I can do to help going forward. Atty. Emily Jones

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Ekri Nou:

Post Office Box 2542, Ocala, FL. 34478
Urgence: (904) 672-8241