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Bags & Purses for a 21st. Century Woman
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"THRIFTY TRESOR" Nouvel Lakay - Gen Koze pou tande


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A 21st century woman,
Yes, the owner of this site is, indeed, a woman of the 21st century. she is Une activiste comunautaire de grand talent et elle  vous invite a suivre votre programme prefere de chansons d'antan, haitiennes, francaises (chansonnettes), evangeliques et latines sur votre cadran quand vous nagez tous les jours sur le net. Indeed, ellle vous invite, respectueusement, a re-decouvrir Haiti, le joyau des antilles plus d'un siecle durant. Comme nous disons ici, en Amerique "While you surf" avec Les plus belles chansons de notre terroir, redecouvrez non seulement Haiti  mais aussi un tresor feminin cache mais devoile ici meme. Ce qui fera de votre journee un des plu memorable. Vous aure le plaisir de voir des objets thrifty mai tresor dans cette economie qui ne demande pas plu que de savoir comment faire joindre les bout de la corde cassee. De en chosissant un article dans ce site, pensez aux enfants qui sont jusqu'a present affectes par le tremblement de terre du 12 Janvier 2010. Elle vous informe qu'Ils ont encore besoin de notre assistance. Une partie des benefice ira jusqu'au Limbe pour aider certains parents a offrir de temps en temps un met chaud a leurs enfants. Comment pourriez-vous aider?
A present "Thrifty Tresor" vus offre une opportunite d'or parce qu'elle est une organisation tres jeune. Deja nous avons prete la main avec d'autres organisasions locales , non gouvernementales, pour offrir le peu qu'il soit. Aide-nous a aider davantage. Faisons la main forte pour proteger les enfants Haitiens sinistres. Ils ont besoind vous maintenant. Unissons-nous, car l'Union fait encore la Force. ou encore comme disent nos ancetres, "Bra anpil chaj pa lou". En dessous de ce message, une vue panoramique d'un de nos edifices historiques avant son effrondement en Janvier 2010, Le Palais National d'Haiti.


We are working to set an Internet radio to broadcast beautiful music right here on this site. You will be able to have news live from Haiti . 
Pour la marche profressive de nos ambitions, nous vous comuniquerons en breves les dernieres nouvelles relatives au progres  du recouvrement de notre Haiti cherie. Nous nous efforcons d' offrir un encadrement a cet effort. Colossal, oui, mais si on ne fait past le premier, la route est plus longue et plu penible considerant les circonstances........


Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our Association and highlight important areas on our site, so when you visit us you can not only see our activities but also ask or sen questions you may have. If you are in the area, visitig Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fl., Orange park, Green Cove Springs, we invite you to join us by filling out our registration forms and within few days a member of our staff will greet you and brief you on other administrative details and our agenda for the current fiscal year. In other pages of this site, we will also give you a complete description of our mission and our accomplishment for the coming years. This is an example of of how we would like our association treat you so you can feel at ease in our meeting and share with us any ideas for the advancement of this project to feed many children who go sleeping under trees with no shelter around the capital of Haiti. and surrounding neighborhoods.
Thank you for visiting with us today and , please remember to sign our guest book........ on top of this page

It is not easy when we tried to ship collected item which we acquired with our own savings. Never enough, Last summer the cost of our shipment through "DeMezu", a local Haitian carrier in Orando, costs us more than $2,500.00 in addition to the cost of logistics to actually send someone for the distribution with airfare, pocket money for one month and shelter. We need funds that is why we come with the idea of opening this e-store to offer quality of pre-owned items at an affordable price where the prpfit will help those families we dedicated ourselves to lend a a friendly hand.  Operating a non-profit organization mainly with benevolants and providing socio-cultural services is not that easy as one may quickly think, but building an effective non-profit organization oriented toward promoting our cultural heritage and at the same token assist new fellow haitians in our community in providing them with some basic tools they may need to grasp the system we are operating in, requires togetherness and well intended heart to make a huge difference in increasing responsiveness and members satisfaction as well as projected the best of our heritage cultural and our past to help other communities that share this neighborhood with us; whether those communites are also guest residents  or minorities or whether it is the host community, I mean the dominant culture.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our organization and our community and the type of participation we expect from our loggers and customers, and in addition,  the type of services we provide and would like to make available to our community. We look forward to working with you for a faster growing organization with the participation you may offer to us.

Post Office Box XXXXX4 Ocala, FLORIDA 34478
Phone: (904) 672-8241
Urgence: (904) 559-xxxx
Fax: (904) 880-yyyy

Here we may put a picture of our store or product.

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Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.