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"An Unbroken An Unbroken AgonyAgony"

Haiti, from Revolution to the kidnaping of a President

(by Randall Robinson)

A new book about Haiti by Randall Robinson, revealing hidden details on the situation of Haiti and her relationship with the AmericanGovernment, past and present. A book where secrets details on the ousting of Aristide are no longer secrets. You will be surprised. for more details visit or democracy now tv show. 

Randall Robinson Author photo:
Willets Photo Studio, St. Kitts

About the Author

Randall Robinson is the author of An Unbroken Agony and the national bestsellers The Debt, The Reckoning, and Defending the Spirit. He is also founder and past president of TransAfrica, the African-American organization he established to promote enlightened, constructive U.S. policies toward Africa and the Caribbean. In 1984, Robinson established the Free South Africa Movement, which pushed successfully for the imposition of sanctions against apartheid South Africa; and in 1994, his public advocacy, including a 27-day hunger strike, led to the UN multinational operation that restored Haiti's first democratically elected government to power. Mr. Robinson lives with his wife and daughter in St. Kitts.

On February 29th, 2004 the democratically elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was forced to leave his country. The twice elected President was kidnapped, along with his Haitian-American wife, by American soldiers and flown, against his will, to the isolated Central African Republic. Although the American government has denied ousting Aristide it was clear that the Haitian people’s most recent attempt at self-determination had not been crushed by Haitian paramilitaries as Washington claimed.

In An Unbroken Agony, bestselling author and social justice advocate Randall Robinson explores the heroic and tragic history of Haiti. He traces the history of a people forced across the Atlantic in chains; recounting their spectacularly successful slave revolt against France and the two hundred years of reprisals that would follow. The fate of Aristide’s presidency is tied to this people’s century-long quest for self-determination and his removal from power exposes the apartheid-like forces that frustrate these aspirations even today.

Robinson majestically chronicles the convulsive history of this island nation—from Columbus’s arrival to the fearlessness of the slave revolutionaries who defeated the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804, wresting from France the most valuable colony of any European power anywhere in the world; from the ideals of the young republic, to the foreign backed dictators who corrupted those ideals, culminating in the American led operation removing from power Haiti’s first democratically elected president and his entire government in 2004.

Robinson captures the pride and courage of the Haitian people in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. With his passionate prose, Robinson brings alive the powerful memory of the Haitian revolution in the souls of ordinary citizens and shows the boundless desire of all Haitians to chart their own destiny—free of foreign interference.


Whos is Randall Robinson?

Randall Robinson, a graduate of Virginia Union University and Harvard Law School, is founder of TransAfrica, the organization that spearheaded the movement to influence U.S. policies toward Africa and the Caribbean. He played a significant role in the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa and in the pro-democracy movement in Haiti. Mr. Robinson is author of the critically acclaimed books Defending the Spirit, an insider's memoir of how Washington shapes policy toward the Black world, and The Debt, a compelling case for reparations, what the U.S. owes Blacks for American slavery. His latest book, The Reckoning, explores what Blacks owe each other.



How she started out:
This is what remained (1/3) after the Revolution of 1844 (2/3 formed the Dominican Republic) and the dispute of the island of Navase (South of Cayes) since 1854 by USA. In 1980, A group of young Haitians attempted to set a Haitian flag on the Navase but they were brush off by Coast Guad ship around.

1804 - 2004
HAITI: She is, The First Black Independent Nation In The World!
202 Years of Haitian History

France recognized Haiti as a State in 1825

Eastern Part of the Island Seceded in 1844

to form Dominican Republic

1 German threat of Occupation in 1874

United States occupy Dominican Republic in 1965

United States of America invades & Occupied Haiti militarily in 1915-1934

United Nations Security Council authorized Military forces in Haiti in 1991


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The History Behind The Haitian People
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In this unique poster, you will discover...

  • The Dates of Birth of all the Haitian Presidents.

  • The Places of Birth of all the Haitian Presidents.

  • The Dates of Death of all the Haitian Presidents.

  • Find out who died at Home, Who died in Exile?

  • Find Each President's Background (Civilian of Military?... Lawyer, Engineer, or Farmer?...)

  • Find out how much Time they each spent in their leadership positions.

  • Read some of the MOST FAMOUS QUOTES from the First Black Leaders in the world.


March 4, 2005
From the desk of Jean R. Laurent

Dear Internet Friend,

Haiti's History is the most beautiful history in the world. From 1804 to 2004, we the Haitian People,  as the FIRST Black Nation in the world have been fighting to keep our independence alive.  Today, I am very proud to bring you a very valuable piece of Haitian History that you can call your own

From our very first leader, Jean Jacques Dessalines, to our newest president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's entire political history is Frozen in time in a beautiful 36inX24in Poster.

Get your Haitian Heroes of Independence Poster NOW!

Toussaint L'Ouverture Famous Words...

"By overthrowing me, you have succeeded in cutting down the tree of liberty of the blacks in Santo Domingo but have failed to destroy the roots that are deep and strong.  The tree will grow again"

Are you proud of your Haitian Heritage?
Order this Patriotic Haitian Poster now!

There is so much information available in this poster... you will be amazed when you see it.  I guarantee you, it will be the most eye-catching piece of history in your wall.


  • It's 36 inches wide and 24 inches long (That's 3 feet by 2 feet!)
  • Right in the middle of it is a beautiful picture of the New Haitian White house...

    find out when it was built and why.
  • On both sides of the New White House are four (4) big pictures of our forefathers...
    • Toussaint Louverture
    • Jean Jacques Dessalines
    • Henry Christophe
    • Alexandre Petion
  • Just below these pictures are 54 pictures of all the leaders of Haiti, the First Black Nation in the world.

This One of a kind historical poster dates form 1804 to 2004, (200 years of Haitian History) and gives all the dates of each Haitian leader throughout their leadership.


This poster is Historically correct
It will help you and your children...
Discover the History behind the Haitian People
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Jean Jacques Dessalines... ORDER NOW >>

"The Founder of our Native Land"

Born: Feb 2, 1758 Grande-Riviere du Nord

Died: Oct 17, 1806 Pont-Rouge

Served: Jan 1, 1804- Oct 17, 1806.

Governor for life from Jan 1st, 1804

Crowned Emperor on Sept 22, 1804 until his death in 1806 under the name of "Jacques the First".

Toussaint, his lieutenants, Dessalines, Christophe, and others, Petion (a French Officer, native of Haiti, crewmwmber of the expeditionary force to crunch the independance movement, Adversary of Christophe after the death of Dessalines, President of the Republic of West Haiti, Father of the Pan-Americanism, Provider for the emancipation of the Gran Colombia are the most known forefathers for Haitian Independence.

Dorogie Productions has done over two years of research in developing this unique biographical poster.

  • It includes the Dates of birth...
  • Places of birth...
  • Dates of death...
  • and times spent in leadership positions


The Old Haitian White House!
Burned down with the President and 300 Soldiers!

When you order the poster, take a good look in the background, behind presidents Elie Lescot, Durmasais Estime, and Jean Claude Duvalier...

There you will see a picture of the old Haitian White House which was blown up on August 8, 1912.

Cincinatus Leconte who was the president at that time was killed in the explosion along with 300 military soldiers.

Do NOT be fooled by other knock of posters... our poster is original and based on research done all over the world to bring you precise information about our fallen heroes

Don't delay, Order today


Jean R. Laurent

Dorogie Productions Inc.
P.O Box 272761
Boca Raton, FL 33427

Tel (561) 901-6366


P.S. After you finish placing your order, please visit and learn a little bit of Haitian history with Mr. Carl Fombrun.

Also, After you finish placing your order, please visit the Haitian Heritage Museum online




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I disagree with Mr Laurent when he states that the Haitian history is the most beautiful history in the world. This kind of talk is defiant in many aspects. Perhaps "one of the most beautiful history", would have keep decency and lower the tone to civility. Because it is written somewhere, it doesn't mean it is true. History can be written by the victors or their supporters. In any case we know now with supporting documents that may not be the case of many wonderful stories. History should reflect the truth, but what is the truth? Can we know what is happening in the world at this minute? or should we be carried away by zeal or fanatism? Nationalism is almost outdated, almost obsolete in many areas of modern life. Common sense gears most of the world affairs. Diversity is at hand. Logic, the one we all used, is more compelling at all times than the idea of Nationalism so eloquently as drafted by Rousseau in the mid 18th century and artistically revamped by Chopin, Strauss, Bonaparte, etc.. I would proudly say in the word of Corneille in "Le Cid" that the Haitian history, so young, is one of the most beautiful history in this world as we know it but I would not let down the history of the Jewish people to be less beautiful and many others. What would a Dominican says about their history, the Haitian part of it? What about the ugliness part of the Haitian History in the 20th century, the 30s, when Haitain immigrants were beheaded under the nose of our leaders and the world's. What the descents of the Arawaks would said about their own history, mostly those who currently live in Guyanna, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and elsewhere... What about the history of the People of Ethiopia who witnessed the whole African continent being enlsaved until Mussolini decided, in 1936, that only Italy, among the European nations have no colonies.No Mr. Laurent, Our entire history from 1804-2004 is not frozen in time. This is misleading to the young Haitian minds and to those young minds around the world who wants to know more about this world. Part of it are surely frozen in time, for the past cannot be modified, but the Haitian History is a way of life, it is about change, it is on the move where a young slaved descents nation, isolated on purpose, by the political powers of the western world since mercantilism to the cold war, is looking for its way toward the truth, the freedom, access to opportunities, to knowledge, to welfare and the dream of a better life. The Haitian nation, Mr. Laurent, is wrapped so tight in its nest that it falls to sleep, has not seen or enjoyed freedom as defined by standards and is left behind by the Renaissance, the Reformation, as well by the bell of philadelphia. The Haitian people could neither have heard the cry of Martin Luther king nor the civil disobedience of the Mahatma. What about the children of the Palestinians, Syrians nationals who landed in Haiti, would you tell them that their share of the Haitian history is the most beautiful? Wake up Mr. Laurent, the work you do is wonderful but don't let it tinted, disallow that the techniques of Marketing shadow your heart and your mind. Remember your verb is the extension of your spirit as your signature you must honor because it is the extension of your hands, your hands are you and you are are the extension of your ancestors (Alexandre Dumas).  (Your comments are wlecome at (
Le Palais National d'Haiti. Built during the American Military occupation (1915-1934). After 2 years of political, social unrest where 4 Haitian presidents were assassinated in 2years, accented by the start of the WWI in 1914, The Doctrine of Monroe give sign to the Americans to protect their back door by seizing power in Haiti. Note that it was only 15 years since they took away Cuba and Puerto Rico from Spain. She is the official residence of the Head of state of Haiti. The first family share a luxurious private apartment. in 1971, Baby Doc decided to have a ranch for his private residence in addition to the official one. Aristide followed and built one in the suburb of Tabarre, few miles away. See how she is tinted with the american Government building design. Her twin sister is "Le Palais de Justice" located few yard from her. Currently the actual president is not an elected official but appointed since February 28 (may not be the official date) when Aristide was forced out of power and lead through exile with the condonation of the American Government.